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Welcome to the Tau Beta Chapter of Chi Omega website! We hope you enjoy exploring all great and fun things that Chi Omega has to offer! Below is a little insight from me on why I love


Chi Omega and what it means to me. From the very moment I received my bid card to Chi Omega in August 2014, I have felt a since

of confidence and reassurance in who I am. Chi Omega has taught me how to maximize the strengths I've been given and how to embrace and grow my weaknesses. In Chi Omega I have found my lifelong friends, my mentors, my go-to girls, and simply put, my people. 


The most meaningful moments for me as a Chi Omega do not come from any award or accomplishment, but instead those small moments that often go unnoticed. The encouraging notes in your mailbox after a tough week, the spontaneous sonic runs while singing at the top

of your lungs, movie marathons in the TV room, life chats in the garden room, the belly-ache laughter at the dinner table that makes you completely forget all the bad things that may have happened to you that day; those are the moments that define Chi Omega.


It has been surreal to be serving as president of the Tau Beta chapter of Chi Omega, because so many of these women that I am supposed to "lead" are the ones who I look up to in so many aspects of life and continuously seek guidance from. There is a common saying that you become like the people you surround yourself with, and I surely hope that is true because Chi Omega women are who I want to resemble. “Womanly Always, Discouraged Never” is a line from our symphony that I have personally seen in so many of our members, exceling in all of our six purposes: Friendship, Personal Integrity, Service to Others, Academic Excellence and Intellectual Pursuits, Community and Campus Involvement, and Personal and Career



As president, it is amazing to look at these women and see the difference they’ve made in the lives of others, on campus and in the community, continuing to “Work Earnestly, Speak Kindly,

Act Sincerely” in all they do, while still having the greatest of times together. Chi Omega has helped shape some amazing women, and I know I am a better leader, student, sister, Christian, daughter, and friend because of my time here.


Joining Chi Omega is joining a community of women that are going to push you to new heights, all while instilling a since of confidence in your abilities and constantly cheering you on. Chi Omega is a place to have the most fun, the greatest laughs, and the best memories. When you give your heart to Chi O, she’ll it back to you, and the outcome is better than you can ever imagine.




Maycee Jones


President of the Tau Beta Chapter of Chi Omega 2016-2017

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